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The Marvin family has transformed their unused ATOMIC Ballroom Annex studios to create a unique roller skate buying/selling experience.  They are also offering roller skating lessons out of ATOMIC Ballroom and specialty apparel made for skaters! 

Nikki and Shesha Marvin, owners of ATOMIC Ballroom in Irvine, CA, have dedicated their lives to creating dance communities. Dancing is not only a fun way to work out, but it's also a social activity that uses skill building to relieve stress and to create self confidence. Since social dancing is on pause because of COVID-19, the Marvins have shifted focus to their other inspiration and favorite activity, roller skating. They hope to achieve the same goals by providing access to skates and skate boards, offering roller skate and skate dancing lessons, and hosting free outdoor community skate events.

You are invited to skate with the ATOMIC Skate Exchange. Total beginners are always welcome. All ages are welcome. No partners needed :-) Not only will you feel amazing because of your new balance, core strength, and visible leg strength, you will also relieve stress in your mind and body. Through the shared activity of skating, you'll make life long friends, you'll be inspired to practice, and most importantly, you'll have FUN!

Enjoy learning the long history of roller skating, becoming part of a community, and trying the many styles of skating.  You can skate outdoors along the beach, skate dance in place on any level smooth surface, or go to skate parks for the ramps, bowls, and obstacles, figure skate, and even compete in Roller Derby.

All wheels are welcome at our roll out events, including skate boards, roller blades, rip sticks, etc.

Nikki Marvin

Our visionary, our team captain, our boss, our inspiration. Mom, skater, Lindy Hop Swing Dancer/Instructor, Burlesque Performer, Model, Producer. Owner of ATOMIC Ballroom.

Shesha Marvin

Skate addict, staff writer, support person. Owner of ATOMIC Ballroom, Swing and Tango Dancer/Instructor, Dad.


Evonne Marvin

Community events coordinator, crafts, design, staff writer, skateboarder, roller skater, overall Superwoman..


Mikey Pedroza

Social media manager, marketing, support crew, newbie skater. World famous Lindy Hop Swing Dancer and Instructor.


Leo Ra James

Roller skate instruction for beginners and advanced skaters alike, teaching group and private skate lessons at ATOMIC Ballroom, right next to the Skate Exchange

Xavier Monterrosa

Custom skate builder and skate tech.  If you can dream it, he can build it. Amazing roller skater and dancer.

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