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Frequently asked questions

Buying and Selling

Can I sell my used skates to the Atomic Skate Exchange?

Yes! Part of our service to the community is to buy your quality skates and re-sell them. If you are like us, and you already are into or have tried to get into skating, you bought a few pairs of quality skates that didn't work out. Every pair of feet are different and every pair of skates are different. We are here to help you find a match! No matter if you have extra skates because of size issues, style reasons, or if you just have too many pairs of skates, we are interested in buying your skates for cash or exchanging for store credit! We will give you a great deal for your skate in exchange for cash or store credit. We belive this comminity exchange mindset is good for everybody.

Can I buy skates at the Atomic Skate Exchange?

Not yet! We are currently in our buying phase. Once we have 100 pairs of skates we will open our Skate Shop in Irvine. Join our mailing list and we will invite you!

How long will it be until you open the Atomic Skate Exchange?

Aug 22nd 2020

What about ATOMIC Ballroom?

Our dance space at Atomic Ballroom remains the same. We are using only the Annex studio at the end of the buidling for our new skate shop.

Skate Events

What is a "Roll Out"?

A roll out is a term used by the skate community to indicate a free comminuty skate event. We would gather at an agreed upon place and time and then either skate around that place or skate together to a destination. Yes, you should come, even if you are a beginner. Make skate friends! We want to meet you. Catch our next roll out by joining our email list and by following our Instagram and liking our Facebook page. Cliché I know, but it really is the best way to keep up!